Why Is My Phone’s Internet Not Working? – A Troubleshooting Guide

Having no internet access on your phone can be frustrating.  We rely on our phones for so much these days, and a functioning internet connection is essential for many tasks.  Fortunately, there are several common reasons why your phone’s internet might not be working, and there’s a good chance you can fix it yourself!

Here Are Reasons Why Your Phone’s Internet Stopped Working (Either Mobile Data or WiFi)

For Mobile Data

android home screen connected with wifi and internet is on
screenshot of turned on mobile data

For mobile data users, here are all the reasons why your phone may be keeping you disconnected from the world. Firstly, check for your data cap to see if you’ve exceeded your data limit. Then, check the data saver settings and ensure it is disabled. Next, go into your phone settings and reset your APN settings to the default or switch to a better APN. Lastly, toggle airplane mode and restart your smartphone twice. Removing Limits: While you can adjust data usage warnings and caps on Android, outright removing them isn’t possible on most devices. Unlike iPhones, most Android gadgets don’t come with preset data limits; it varies by carrier and plan. Even with an unlimited data plan, it’s wise to monitor usage for unexpected spikes.

For Wi-Fi Users

showing mobile signal strength with wifi

For WiFi users, if the internet is not working, I recommend checking your WiFi router first. See if it has the green light (depending on your router brand), which indicates if the router is connected to the internet or not. Secondly, try turning your WiFi router off and on again, removing the cable, and replugging it. If this does not work, then simply reset your network settings on your phone.

Let’s dive deeper and explore the most common causes and solutions for phone internet woes.

Common Causes of Phone Internet Issues

There are two main culprits when your phone’s internet connection goes kaput: mobile data issues and Wi-Fi issues. We’ll tackle each one separately.

In My Experience, These Are the Reasons Behind My Mobile Data Issues

As someone who’s constantly on the go, mobile data is essential for keeping me connected. Did you know that the first commercial cellular network was launched in Japan in 1979? But enough mobile history trivia – let me break down the reasons why my mobile data might not be working:

screenshot of mobile data limit reached
  • Cellular Data Turned Off: This one gets me every time. I’ll admit, I’ve accidentally left my cellular data disabled more times than I can count. It’s like my phone has a mind of its own sometimes. But hey, at least I’m in good company – over 50% of smartphone users forget to turn on their mobile data at least once a week.
  • Airplane Mode On: Ugh, Airplane mode. It’s like the kryptonite of mobile data. Did you know that the first commercial flight took place in 1903? But I digress. When Airplane mode is enabled, it cuts off all wireless communication, which means no cellular data or Wi-Fi for me. Gotta remember to turn that off before I go searching for my next adventure.
  • Out of Data Allowance: My mobile plan has a data cap, and when I hit that limit, it’s game over for my internet access. Fun fact: the average American consumes around 11GB of mobile data per month. I clearly need to work on my data conservation skills.
  • Weak Cellular Signal: If I’m in an area with a weak cellular signal, it’s like trying to get a bar to load on a flip phone. I have to move around until I find that sweet spot with stronger coverage. Did you know that the first mobile phone call was made in 1973? Technology has come a long way since then.
  • Incorrect APN Settings: The Access Point Name (APN) is the secret sauce that lets my phone connect to my carrier’s network. If the settings are off, it’s like trying to bake a cake with the wrong ingredients. I always make sure to double-check those APN settings to avoid any connectivity issues.

Keep In Mind

Troubleshooting My Wi-Fi Woes

image of my jio  fiber router with green light

Wi-Fi is my go-to when I’m not relying on mobile data, but even that can be finicky at times. Fun fact: the first Wi-Fi standard, 802.11, was released in 1997. But enough about the past – let me share what I’ve learned about fixing Wi-Fi problems:

data usage from android settings screenshot
screenshot of android connected with my wifi but no internet
screenshot of wifi connected on samsung
  • Wi-Fi Not Turned On: I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve mindlessly walked away from a Wi-Fi network without turning it back on. It’s like my phone has an internal switch that just flips off when I’m not looking.
  • Not Connected to a Wi-Fi Network: Sometimes I’ll be in range of a network, but my phone just won’t connect. It’s like playing a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek with the Wi-Fi gods.
  • Incorrect Wi-Fi Password: Ah, the dreaded password typo. I swear, my fingers have a mind of their own sometimes. Did you know that the average person types around 40 words per minute? Clearly, I need to work on my typing accuracy.
  • Weak Wi-Fi Signal: If the Wi-Fi signal is weak, it’s like trying to have a conversation across a crowded room. I have to get up and move closer to the router to get a decent connection.
  • Router Issues: When all else fails, the router itself might be the problem. A quick reset can sometimes work wonders. Fun fact: the first wireless router was introduced in 1999. Technology has certainly come a long way since then.

Troubleshooting Steps

If you’ve identified the cause of your phone’s internet woes, you can try some simple troubleshooting steps to get things working again:

  • Restart Your Phone: A simple phone restart can often resolve temporary software glitches that might be affecting your internet connection.
  • Reset Network Settings: This will reset all your Wi-Fi networks and passwords, along with your mobile data settings.  Use this option with caution,  as you’ll need to re-enter your Wi-Fi passwords afterwards.
  • Contact Your Carrier: If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps above and your mobile data still isn’t working,  contact your carrier for further assistance. They might be able to diagnose the problem or reset your data connection on their end.
  • Try resetting your APN settings, which will restore all the original parameters of network settings that were in place when the internet was working fine.
  • Consider uninstalling any apps you recently installed that may be consuming data in the background. Also, check for auto-updates and other browsing apps that could be using data unnecessarily.
    • In some cases, visiting certain adult websites may lead to encountering numerous spammy ads. If you’ve clicked on any of these ads, they could be causing your device to consume more internet. Try force stopping the browser app associated with these ads to see if it resolves the issue.
  • Additionally, remove any data usage limits on your device. On most Android devices, the limit is set to 2 GB. Increase it to as much as you need. In my case, I have an unlimited data connection, so I’ve set it to 1 TB.
screenshot of setting data limit


Now, these are all the proven and effective methods to use whenever you face the issue of internet connectivity on your phone. I’ve also shared all the reasons why this might happen.

That’s it for the blog post today. Today, I tried showing you all the ways to fix your internet, with real-life examples of how internet issues can occur. Using various examples involving myself and my friends, I aimed to illustrate actual experiences. I hope you find it helpful. Let me know in the comment section or contact us if you have any questions. Also, let me know what you’ll try first to fix your phone’s internet.

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