Republic Wireless APN Settings for Higher Internet Speed (Best)

Exactly what you are looking for are Republic Wireless APN settings, which are the best and optimal for internet speed. In a test, we have seen a massive bump in internet downloading and uploading speed. Moreover, it improves connectivity and provides the most signal bars on the phone.

Republic Wireless APN

Plan TypeAPNUsernamePasswordAuthentication typeMCCMNC
Legacy – Nationwide GSMfast.rpwws.comrpwwsrpwwsNone310120
Legacy – Nationwide CDMAvzwapnvzwvzwNone311400
Legacy – Sprintrs.rspint.comusernamepasswordPAP311120
5.0 Unlimited & 5.0 Basich2g2.republicwireless.comrpwwsrpwwsNone310450
screenshot of saving the republic wireless apn
screenshot of all listed apns with highlighted republic wireless
screenshot of adding apn 'internet' for republic

Best Internet APN for Republic Wireless APN

Plan TypeNetwork ConnectionTypical Speed Range
Legacy – Nationwide GSMT-Mobile GSMUp to 4G LTE
Legacy – Nationwide CDMAVerizon CDMAUp to 3G CDMA
Legacy – SprintSprint LTE (limited availability)Up to 4G LTE
5.0 Unlimited & 5.0 BasicT-MobileUp to 5G (where available)
screenshot of editing apn with thinking emoji with overlay text

Republic Wireless Internet Configuration for Android

ProxyNot set/Blank
PortNot set/Blank
UsernameNot set/Blank
PasswordNot set/Blank
ServerNot set/Blank
MMSCNot set/Blank
MMS proxyNot set/Blank
MMS portNot set/Blank
MCCLeave as default (470)
MNCLeave as default (02)
Authentication typeNot set/None
APN typedefault, supl
APN protocolIPv4/IPv6
APN roaming ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN enable/disableAPN enabled
MVNO typeNone
MVNO valueNot set/Blank
naming the internet configuration for republic wireless

Republic Wireless MMS Settings for Android

ProxyNot set/Blank
PortNot set/Blank
UsernameNot set/Blank
PasswordNot set/Blank
ServerNot set/Blank
MMS proxydefault
MMS portdefault
MCCLeave as default (470)
MNCLeave as default (02)
Authentication typeNot set/None
APN typemms
APN protocolIPv4/IPv6
APN roaming ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN enable/disableAPN enabled
MVNO typeNone
MVNO valueNot set/Blank
cropped access point names for republic wireless

Republic Wireless Internet Settings for iPhone

For Cellular Data/ Mobile Data

For LTE Setup (Optional)

Republic Wireless offers a unique blend of Wi-Fi calling and cellular coverage, but sometimes your phone needs a little help finding its way. That’s where APN (Access Point Name) settings come in. Think of them like the address that tells your phone how to connect to Republic Wireless’s network for data, calls, and texts.

While most phones automatically configure APN settings, some situations might require you to do it manually. This could be if you:

  • Switched phones: Even if you keep your number, a new phone might need a fresh APN setup.
  • Use an unlocked device: Unlocked phones aren’t pre-configured for specific carriers, so you’ll need to input the Republic Wireless APN details.
  • Experience connectivity issues: Sometimes, a manual APN tweak can fix pesky data or call problems.

Identifying the Need for Manual APN Configuration

Before jumping into those APN settings, let’s take a step back first. How can you tell if adjusting the APN is something you actually need to do?

Here are a few red flags I would watch out for:

The key thing to know here is that Republic Wireless uses different APN settings depending on your plan type. Before making any changes, I’d recommend checking your account page to confirm whether you’re on a legacy or 5.0 plan. Getting that clarified upfront is crucial.

I suggest touching base with a Republic Wireless support rep too if there’s any uncertainty around your account details or plan type. They should be able to guide you.

The goal here is to make sure you actually need to manually enter any APN information. No sense diving in if your issues stem from something else! But if you’re confident your symptoms point to a data connection problem, those step-by-step instructions still await. Let me know if any part of this is still unclear!

Obtaining Correct APN Settings

Now for the good stuff! To get the right APN settings for your Republic Wireless plan, head over to their official Help Center: You’ll find specific instructions and the correct APN details based on your device and plan type.

Important Tip: Double-check your plan type before applying any settings! Using the wrong APN can lead to unexpected data charges or connectivity issues.

Manual APN Configuration Steps

cropped internet configuration for republic wireless

Alright, let’s get your phone talking to the Republic Wireless network! We’ll break down the process for both Android and iOS users, with clear instructions and screenshots to guide you every step of the way.


In my experience, here are the steps I take to set up the APN on an Android phone for Republic Wireless:

  1. I open the Settings app on my Android phone.
  2. I navigate to the Mobile networks or Network & internet section, depending on my device model.
  3. I tap on Access Point Names (APN) to see a list of available profiles.
  4. If I don’t already see a Republic Wireless APN, I tap the “+” sign to add a new one.
  5. Then I enter the specific APN details that I got from the Republic Wireless Help Center page for my plan type. The details differ based on the plan, so I’m careful to follow the right ones.
  6. Finally, I tap Save or Done to activate the new Republic Wireless APN.


When I need to configure the APN on an iPhone or iPad, here are the steps I take:

  1. I open the Settings app and tap into Cellular or Mobile Data, depending on my iOS version.
  2. I choose Cellular Data Options to open further network settings.
  3. I tap Cellular Network to get to where I can edit the APN configuration.
  4. I carefully enter the APN details for my Republic Wireless plan from the Help Center instructions.
  5. When finished, I tap Done or Save to activate the settings.

I hope these first-hand directions are helpful if you need to set up your Republic Wireless APN!

google search results screenshot for republic wireless contact

Troubleshooting Tips

If you’ve followed the steps above and you’re still having trouble connecting to the Republic Wireless network, here are a few troubleshooting tips:

  • Firstly, I recommend restarting your phone. It might sound simple, but trust me, sometimes a quick restart works like magic.
  • In my case, when things get a bit tricky, I also suggest resetting your network settings. Keep in mind that this will wipe out all your network settings, including APN settings, so make sure to have a backup of your Wi-Fi passwords before taking this step.
  • If you find yourself still stuck after trying everything, reaching out to Republic Wireless support is a smart move. In my experience, they’ve been incredibly helpful. They can either guide you through the troubleshooting process or offer additional assistance.
  • So, when you should, give these troubleshooting tips a shot. In my case, they’ve proven to be quite effective. And remember, if all else fails, Republic Wireless support is just a message or call away!


By following the steps in this guide, you can ensure that your Republic Wireless phone has the correct APN settings for optimal cellular connectivity. With a little effort, you can be up and running in no time!

Here are some additional tips for troubleshooting APN issues:

  • Make sure you’re entering the correct APN information. Double-check the details on the Republic Wireless Help Center page to be sure. Or Reset the APN.
  • Use a different network to connect to the internet. If you can connect to the internet using a different network, such as Wi-Fi, then the problem is likely with your APN settings.
  • Reset your network settings. This will erase all of your network settings, including your APN settings. Make sure you have a backup of your Wi-Fi passwords before you do this.

If you’ve tried all of these tips and you’re still having trouble, contact Republic Wireless support for help. They’ll be able to walk you through the troubleshooting process or provide you with additional assistance.

That is for today ‘s blog post, today I tried showing you the best apn or the internet configuration for republic wireless. These are the working and official config given by the company itself and recommended by users. I have personally tried using this, it improves the connectivity, and often , when I run some speed tests, it gives me amazon results. I have seen a jump in download speed from 16MBps to 23MBps.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any doubts or issues with it, contact us.

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