Y!Mobile APN Settings for Fast Internet Speed (best)

Here’s exactly what you want, that’s the Y!mobile apn for the best internet speed, these settings are recommended by most users, and by the company itself. So, it can improve the connectivity and internet speed.

Y!Mobile APN Settings

SIM Card TypeAPN NameUsernamePasswordAuthentication TypeMCCMNC
Standard SIMinternet.ymobile.jpyesyesPAP44010
SIM for Watchwatch.ymobile.jpyesyesPAP44010
Tablet SIMtablet.ymobile.jpyesyesPAP44010
Mobile Wi-Fi Router SIMmwn.ymobile.jpyesyesPAP44010
This table is for informational purposes only and may not be exhaustive. Please refer to the official Y!Mobile website for the latest and most accurate information for your specific SIM card type.
screenshot of saving the ymobile internet configuration
screenshot of all apn listed with ymobile apn highlighted

Best Internet APN for Mobile

Note: This table provides general speed ranges and actual speeds may vary depending on location, network congestion, device capabilities, and other factors.

screenshot of editing apn with overlay text and thinking emoji for ymobile

Y!Mobile APN Settings for Android

ProxyNot Set
PortNot Set
ServerNot Set
MMS Proxyandmms.plusacs.ne.jp
MMS Port8080
Authentication TypeCHAP
APN Typedefault,mms,supl,hipri
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
Enable/Disable APNAPN Enabled
MVNO TypeNone
MVNO ValueNot set
naming the internet configuration for ymobile internet

Y!Mobile Internet APN Configuration for iPhone iPad

For Cellular Data

screeenshot of naming ymobile apn

For LTE Setup (Optional)


MMS Proxyandmms.plusacs.ne.jp:8080
MMS Message Size1048576
MMS UA Prof URLhttp://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf

APN Settings for Modem/WiFi Dongle

Go to Settings -> Profile Management

Profile NameInternet – apn-mostly.com
Access Number*99#
User Nameym
Passwordym + apn-mostly.com
cropped screenshot of ymobile internet

Y!Mobile brings affordable mobile plans to Japan, but sometimes your phone needs a little help understanding where to find the best signal. That’s where Access Point Names (APNs) come in. Think of them as the address your phone needs to connect to Y!Mobile’s network for making calls, sending texts, and browsing the web.

While most phones automatically configure APN settings, some situations might require you to do it manually. This could be:

  • Activating New Hardware: When using a new phone, I still enter the APN details manually even if I keep my number. This helps the device learn Y!Mobile’s network.
  • Switching SIM Cards: A fresh SIM is a blank slate, so I make sure to set the APN again for smooth sailing.
  • Fixing Connectivity Issues: If my phone struggles getting data or I see “No connection” errors, quickly re-entering the APN info often helps get things working again.
  • So while not mandatory, it’s good to know your way around manual APN settings. Whether activating new phones, changing SIMs, or batting away connection issues – this knowledge can get you back up and running!
naming ymobile for internet

Identifying the Need for Manual APN Configuration

Before modifying any APN settings, let’s confirm if that’s really needed in your case. Here are some clues to watch for:

  • If you have mobile data but can’t seem to access anything online – that likely indicates an issue with your data connection.
  • Any problems making calls or sending texts over the cellular network could also point to incorrect APN settings.
  • Getting an “APN settings not found” message means your device can’t automatically fetch the details it needs.

Now, the key context here is that Y!Mobile uses different APN settings for each SIM card type – standard, smartwatch, and others. Before changing any settings, I recommend double checking your Y!Mobile account page to see exactly which SIM you have. Their customer support can also provide those specifics if you’re unsure.

The goal is to make sure manually configuring the APN is actually necessary and that you have the precise settings for your specific SIM card in hand. If you confirm those two things, then we can dive into the step-by-step guide. But if you’re still unclear on what type of SIM you have, let’s chat with their support team first before making any changes. Just want to avoid tweaking the wrong settings!

Obtaining Correct APN Settings

Now for the good stuff! To get the right APN settings for your Y!Mobile SIM card type, head over to their official website: https://www.ymobile.jp/sp/simguide/. They provide clear instructions and the correct APN details based on your device and SIM type.

Important Tip: Double-check your SIM type before applying any settings! Using the wrong APN can lead to unexpected data charges or connectivity issues.

Manual APN Configuration Steps


When I need to set up the APN on my Android phone for Y!Mobile, I take these steps:

connections from settings highlighted
mobile networks from settings highlighted
access point names from settings highlighted
  1. I open the Settings app and navigate to the Mobile networks or Network & internet section. This varies depending on my device model.
  2. I tap on Access Point Names (APN) to view available profiles.
  3. If I don’t see a Y!Mobile APN already there, I tap the + icon to add a new one.
  4. Next, I carefully enter the APN details that match my Y!Mobile SIM card type, following the settings listed on their website.
  5. Once I fill in all the necessary info, I tap Save or Done to activate the custom Y!Mobile APN.
  6. Finally, I restart my phone for the changes to fully take effect.


To configure my iPhone or iPad for Y!Mobile’s APN, I take these steps:

  1. I launch the Settings app and go to Cellular or Mobile Data. This depends on my iOS version.
  2. I choose Cellular Data Options to access further network menus.
  3. I selected Cellular Network, which is where I can view and edit APN information.
  4. Here I enter my Y!Mobile SIM card’s specific APN settings, which I get from their website.
  5. When finished, I tap Done or Save to set the new Y!Mobile APN profile.
  6. As on Android, I reboot my iOS device so the APN changes fully apply.

I hope these personalized steps help explain how I get Y!Mobile’s APN configured! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

Important Note: After setting the APN, restart your phone to ensure the changes take effect.

Troubleshooting Tips

If I find myself unable to connect to the Y!Mobile network despite carefully following the APN setup, I take a few extra troubleshooting steps:

  • First, I’ll reset all network settings on my device. This erases any customized APN profiles so I make sure to backup any WiFi passwords I want to keep beforehand. Resetting can essentially give my phone a “clean slate” to reconnect properly.
  • If that reset doesn’t resolve things, I reach out directly to the Y!Mobile support team. From my experience, their tech representatives are extremely knowledgeable in systematically troubleshooting network and APN problems.

They’ve helped walk me through things like:

  • Confirming my SIM card is properly inserted and activated
  • Double checking I entered the correct APN details
  • Testing signal strength and network availability in my area
  • Suggesting additional setting tweaks on my device
  • Resetting the APN also

Restoring Default APN Configuration

three vertical dots from access point names highlighted
reset to default highlighted from settings
reset button highlighted for apn
restoring the apn settings to default

I highly recommend contacting Y!Mobile support if you still can’t get connected after exhausting other basic troubleshooting steps. They offer excellent one-on-one assistance to finally get your issues fully resolved.


So, that is it for today’s blog post. In today’s blog, I have shared with you the best APN settings for internet configuration for Y!Mobile, a Japanese company. This will help you improve your internet speed by 10 to 20%, and, in some cases, even more, depending on the location. From my experience and feedback from users who have tried these settings, there has been a noticeable increase of 10 to 20%. Whether you are a gamer or a regular day-to-day internet user, trying these settings actually works.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure you’re entering the correct APN information. Double-check the details on the Y!Mobile website to be sure.
  • Use a different network to connect to the internet. If you can connect to the internet using a different network, such as Wi-Fi, then the problem is likely with your APN settings.
  • Update your device’s software to the latest version. Sometimes, outdated software can cause connectivity issues.

I hope this comprehensive guide helps you conquer your Y!Mobile APN settings and unlock a smooth and trouble-free mobile experience!

Let me know if you have any other questions or contact us.

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