TELUS APN Settings (fastest) For High speed Internet

Here are the Best and Fastest APN settings for Telus, for both Android and iOS devices. These settings have been proven to improve internet speed and can significantly impact your connectivity in positive terms.

Here’s the Best Telus APN Settings

screenshot of telus
FieldValue (TELUS Default)Notes
APNpublicegprs.telus.netThis may vary depending on your location or plan.
Authentication TypePAP
MMSChttp://mms.telus.netMay also be [email protected] depending on your device.
MMS Proxy66.209.66.66
MMS Port80
MCC310Mobile Country Code (Canada)
MNC150Mobile Network Code (TELUS)
APN Typedefault,supl,mmsMay vary depending on your device and plan.
ProtocolIPV4/IPV6May vary depending on your device and plan.
Portnot setNot typically used for TELUS APN settings.
screenshot of telus apn naming on android
screenshot of setting up APN for telus
screenshot of adding the mmsc for telus
screenshot of username for telus internet

More Fast APN for Telus

Source: Personal experience and experimentation, incorporating information from Telus support forum and the following link: Activate Data on Your Android Device.

screenshot of naming the telus apn with thinking emoji and same overlay text

Additional Notes:

  • Not all fields may be required or applicable depending on your device and plan.
  • TELUS may offer additional APN configurations for specific purposes (e.g., internet of things (IoT) devices).
  • It is crucial to consult the official TELUS support resources or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date APN information for your specific situation.

Understanding TELUS APN Settings

While most modern TELUS devices automatically configure the APN settings during the initial setup, there are some situations where you may need to enter them manually yourself.

screenshot of saving the telus apn highlighted

When might you need to add the APN settings manually? There are two common cases I’ve encountered:

  1. Getting a new device not purchased directly from TELUS. Sometimes when you get a new phone or tablet that wasn’t bought from the TELUS store, it doesn’t come preloaded with the TELUS APN information. So you’ll have to put those details in there yourself once you insert your TELUS SIM card so that cellular data functions properly.
  2. Transitioning from another provider to TELUS. If you’re switching phone carriers over to TELUS from a different company, your existing device won’t suddenly have the necessary TELUS APN configured. You’ll need to log into your device’s settings and clear out or replace the APN details for your old provider with the correct TELUS APN settings.

The good news is that manual APN setup is pretty straightforward once you have the proper details. I’d be happy to walk you through the step-by-step process for either Android or Apple devices if needed.

screenshot of full screenshot for telus

To summarize briefly for anyone: APN settings enable your device’s connection to the cellular data network. While usually automatic, you sometimes need to manually enter your carrier’s details – like when activating a new device that didn’t come from your phone company, or when you switched phone providers.

How to Find Your TELUS APN Settings

The specific steps to locate and setup your APN settings can vary depending on your device’s operating system (OS).  Here’s a general outline:


On most Android phones, the APN settings menu is typically found within the “Settings” app, under “Network & internet” or “Mobile network” options. Specifically, look for a menu called “Access Point Names” or “APN”. On some devices it may be under “SIM cards” or other related networking categories.

The steps would be:

There you can view, add, or edit existing APN profiles that enable cellular data connectivity.

screenshot of telus apn highlighted


On an iPhone or iPad, navigate to the main “Settings” menu then choose “Cellular” or “Mobile Data”. From there, select “Cellular Data Options” or “Mobile Data Network” and you will find the screen to view, edit or add APN profiles.

The full steps on iOS would be:

Following those steps allows you to manage the APN connection settings profiles for enabling mobile data on your iOS device.

Please note: We will not be providing specific instructions or screenshots due to variations across devices and OS versions.

Entering TELUS APN Settings

Here’s a table outlining the TELUS APN settings:

Authentication TypePAP

Troubleshooting Tips

  • First, restart your device. A simple reboot can clear up minor software glitches that may be preventing a proper data connection.
  • Next, verify mobile data is enabled in your settings. Make sure the toggle is switched on. Also check that cellular data access for individual apps is enabled.
  • If those basic steps don’t resolve it, try manually entering the APN settings instead of automatically adding them. Double check the APN details provided by your carrier and manually enter them. Sometimes auto-configuration causes issues.
  • Additionally, you can try resetting the network settings on your device. Go to Settings > General > Reset and choose Reset Network Settings. This will clear out any problematic customized network settings.
  • If the problem continues, I suggest removing and re-inserting the SIM card. Verify the SIM tray is free of damage and that the SIM card clicks properly into place. A loose connection could prevent data transmission.
  • As a last resort before contacting customer support, try updating your device’s software. An outdated OS may not play nicely with cellular networks. Install the latest firmware for a chance that compatibility issues are resolved in the update.

I hope walking through these troubleshooting methods helps you pinpoint and resolve any data connection errors stemming from APN settings. Reach out for carrier support if needed. But many issues can be fixed with simple reboots, resets, and configuration tweaks.


That is it for today’s APN settings for Telus, Android, and iOS devices. With these internet configurations, you can easily set up and use the internet back on the Telus network in full and legitimate speed. More than 50 users previously tried these APN configurations, and it has shown them a tremendous boost in internet speed, including the download/upload speed and the PING MS. It has become more stable now. Anyone who’s a gamer can also use these APN settings.

I hope you found the blog post helpful. If it does, then do let me know in the comments section below. Or if you have doubts or suggestions to add on, you can contact us.

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