TIM APN Settings for Faster internet speed (5G)

This is exactly the internet configuration for TIM users which can give you an instant boost to your internet. Moreover, it has been officially provided by the company, so no need to worry. Let’s get started with the TIM APN configurations.

What are TIM APN Settings?

APN settings are configurations that tell your device how to connect to a mobile data network. They typically include details like:

cropped ss of the tim apn mostly.com wap internet
  • Access Point Name (APN): This is the identifier for TIM’s network (often ibox.tim.it).
  • Authentication: Some APNs might require a username and password, but TIM’s usually doesn’t.
  • Other parameters: These may define technical aspects of the connection.

IT – Tim (wap) Web

NameIT – Tim (wap) Web
MMS Proxy
MMS Port
MMS ProtocolWAP 2.0
Authentication TypePAP
APN Typedefault, supl
screenshot of naming the apn for TIM users
screenshot of adding the apn value for the TIM
screenshot of saving the TIM apn from edit access point menu

PXT Messaging MMS

NameIT – Tim (wap) MMS
MMS Proxy
MMS Port
MMS ProtocolWAP 2.0
Authentication TypePAP
APN Typemms
screenshot of configuring the internet tim apn with thinking

You might need to configure APNs manually if:

  • You’re using a new SIM card.
  • Your device doesn’t automatically recognize the TIM network.
  • You’re experiencing mobile data connectivity issues.
screenshot of Complete TIM wap apn configuration

How to Set Up APN on Different Mobile Platforms

Here’s a guide I’ve put together for setting up APNs on various mobile platforms:

Blackberry Devices Manual Setup

  1. From the home screen, click the Blackberry Menu button.
  2. Navigate through: Options > Device Settings > Advanced System Settings > TCP/IP.
  3. Tick APN Settings Enabled.
  4. Set the APN:
    • APN: wap.tim.it
    • Username: [leave blank]
    • Password: [leave blank]
  5. Click the menu button and select Save.
screenshot of one Tim APN in the access point name in the mobile settings

Windows Mobile 7 Manual Setup

  1. Click the Start (menu) button.
  2. Choose Settings from the program list.
  3. Scroll down and click Cellular.
  4. Click on the Edit APN Button.
  5. Set:
    • APN: wap.tim.it
    • Username: [leave blank]
    • Password: [leave blank]
screenshot of access point names with tim internet settings only

Windows Mobile 8 Manual Setup

  1. In the App list, click Settings.
  2. Tap Cellular.
  3. Delete any existing APN settings.
  4. Tap Add Internet APN:
    • APN: wap.tim.it
    • Username: [leave blank]
    • Password: [leave blank]
    • Tap Save.
  5. Tap Add MMS APN:
    • APN: [leave blank]
    • Username: [leave blank]
    • Password: [leave blank]
    • WAP Gateway (URL): [leave blank]
    • WAP Gateway Port: [leave blank]
    • MMSC (URL): [leave blank]
    • MMSC Port: [leave blank]
    • Max MMS Size: [leave blank]
    • IP Type: IPv4v6
    • Tap Save.

Pro Tips from My Experience

  1. Backup Your Settings: Before making any changes, I always recommend taking a screenshot or noting down your current settings. This way, you can easily revert if needed.
  2. Restart After Changes: After applying new APN settings, restart your device. I’ve found this often helps the new settings take effect.
  3. Check with Your Carrier: While these are general guidelines, some carriers may have specific settings. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to contact your carrier’s support.

Benefits of Correct TIM APN Settings

Having the correct TIM APN settings ensures:

  • Reliable mobile data connection: There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing that little 4G icon and still not being able to load a simple webpage. With the correct TIM APN settings, I’ve found my mobile data becomes a reliable powerhouse. Whether I’m navigating the winding streets of Rome with Google Maps or streaming a podcast on my commute, everything just works smoothly.
  • Access to internet services: I remember the day I realized half my apps aren’t functioning properly because of incorrect APN settings. It was like my phone had come back to life when I finally got it right! Suddenly, my weather app was updating in real-time, my email was syncing instantly, and even my favorite mobile game was connecting without a hitch.
  • MMS and SMS functionality: Before I sorted out my TIM APN settings, sending pictures to my family back home was a nightmare. MMS would fail, or worse, send but never arrive. Now, whether it’s a quick text or a photo-filled group chat, I know my messages will get through without a problem.

Finding Your TIM APN Settings

There are a few ways to find the correct TIM APN settings for your device:

  • TIM Website or App: TIM’s website can be a bit of a labyrinth, but with some patience, you can usually find the APN settings. I’ve found it helpful to use the search function and look for terms like “configurazione internet” or “impostazioni APN”. Sometimes, they hide this info in the FAQ or support sections.
  • App: I was pleasantly surprised to find that the TIM app sometimes offers an easier way to access APN settings. It’s worth downloading just for this feature. Plus, it often has the most up-to-date information.
  • Contacting TIM Customer Service: There have been times when I couldn’t find the right settings online. In those cases, I’ve found that calling TIM customer service can be a lifesaver. Yes, you might have to navigate some automated menus, but speaking to a real person who can guide you through the process is invaluable.

Configuring TIM APN Settings on Your Device

The general steps for configuring TIM APN settings on most devices are:

  1. Access your device’s network settings menu (may vary by device model and operating system).
  2. Locate the “Mobile networks” or “Access Point Names” section.
  3. Add a new APN profile.
  4. Enter the TIM APN details you obtained (usually just the APN name ibox.tim.it). Leave username and password fields blank unless specifically mentioned by TIM.
  5. Save the new APN profile and select it as the active connection.

Important Note: Specific instructions for navigating your device’s settings menu and adding an APN profile will vary depending on your device’s operating system (Android, iOS, etc.). You can find detailed instructions for different operating systems on various online resources.

Troubleshooting Tips

If you encounter issues after configuring the APN settings, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Restart your device: A simple restart can often resolve connectivity issues.
  • Manually select the TIM network: In your network settings, try manually selecting the TIM network instead of relying on automatic network selection.
  • Double-check the information: Ensure you’ve entered the APN details correctly, especially the APN name (ibox.tim.it).

Fix 1. Check and Reset APN Settings

For Android:

  1. Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Access Point Names
  2. Tap the menu icon (three dots) and select “Reset to Default”
  3. Create a new APN:
    • Name: TIM
    • APN: wap.tim.it
    • Username: [leave blank]
    • Password: [leave blank]

For iPhone:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network
  2. Tap “Reset Settings”
  3. Under Cellular Data, enter:
    • APN: wap.tim.it
    • Username: [leave blank]
    • Password: [leave blank]

Fix 2. Restart Your Device

  1. Turn off your device for about 10 seconds
  2. Turn it back on
  3. Toggle Airplane Mode on and off

Fix 3. Check Data Settings

  1. Ensure Mobile Data is enabled in Settings
  2. If traveling, enable Data Roaming

Fix 4. Update Device Software

For Android:

Settings > System > Software Update

For iPhone:

Settings > General > Software Update

Fix 5. Contact TIM Customer Support

  1. Verify correct APN settings
  2. Check for network issues in your area

Fix 6. SIM Card Check

  1. Ensure proper SIM card insertion
  2. Try your SIM in another device

Fix 7. Reset Network Settings

For Android:

Settings > System > Reset > Reset Network Settings

For iPhone:

Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Reconfigure APN settings afterward!

Fix 8. Verify Account Status

  1. Confirm active account and data plan
  2. Check data allowance

Fix 9. Factory Reset (Last Resort)

  1. Backup your data
  2. Perform reset:
    • Android: Settings > System > Reset > Factory Data Reset
    • iPhone: Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings
  3. Reconfigure APN settings

If issues persist, visit a TIM store for hands-on assistance.


Today, I showed you the best and most effective APN settings for TIM mobile to use in Italy or anywhere the TIM network is available. I hope you found the information helpful. These APN settings, along with Android, can be applied on iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry devices. So, that’s it for the blog. Using these settings can improve your overall network connectivity and internet speed. However, this is not for gamers, because it is a general APN, unlike other APNs we share on APN Mostly. If you want specific settings, simply let us know in the comment section or contact us from here. Have a nice day!

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