Dito APN Settings for Faster internet speed (best)

Here’s exactly what you’re looking for, THE Dito APN for the best and fastest internet speed. This has been proven and tested. It improves the network connectivity. I have personally seen an increase in speed by 14%, however, it is more dependent on Location.

Tired of slow internet or struggling to send MMS on your Dito phone? The secret lies in your APN settings! This guide dives into the world of APNs, explaining what they are, why they matter, and how to set them up for a smooth Dito experience on both Android and iOS devices. Ditch the frustration and enjoy the full potential of your Dito network!

Dito APN Settings

NameAPN Dito (apn-mostly.com)
screenshot of saving the added apn for dito
screenshot of naming the dito apn config

Dito Internet For Android

You will undoubtedly get the quickest Dito internet speed after finishing this. Restart your smartphone once and for all. If you have a severe problem, just reset the settings and contact the company’s customer care team as soon as possible.

screenshot of editing dito internet config with thinking emoji and text

Dito APN Internet Configuration for iPhone iOS

Dito Cellular APN NameDito APN Settings
MMS Proxy
MMS Message Size1048576
MMS UA Prof URLblank
Note: For iPhone users, to customize your cellular network, navigate to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network. Leave the Cellular Data and LTE configuration settings alone; only the MMS Data should be changed.
screenshot of adding the APN for dito internet
listed all the apn settings with dito highlighted screenshot
Proxynot set
Portnot set
Usernamenot set
Passwordnot set
Servernot set
MMSC(set as default)
MMS proxy
MMS port80
MCC502 (Leave Default)
MNC19 (Leave Default)
Authentication Typenot set
Apn typedefault, supl, mms
Apn protocolIpv4/IPv6
Apn roaming typeIpv4
Enable/disable apnAPN enabled
MVNO typenone
MVNO valuenot set
cropped ss of access point names for dito apn mostly

Dito APN Settings for iPhone iOS

MMS Proxy
MMS Message Size1048576
MMS UA Prof URLblank

Note: For iPhone users, to customize your cellular network, navigate to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network. Leave the Cellular Data and LTE configuration settings alone; only the MMS Data should be changed.

cropped screenshot of dito apn

Understanding Dito’s APN for Internet and MMS

Think of your phone’s APN settings like a tiny passport that lets you into Dito’s big mobile world! This special passport has cool details that tell Dito’s towers how to handle your videos, games, and messages so everything works right. Let me tell you what each part means:

  1. The Name: This says what you’re using it for, like “internet” for web surfing or “picture messages” for your funniest selfies.
  2. The APN Type: This tells Dito if you want regular internet or something special like video calls.
  3. The MCC and MNC: These are like country codes for phone networks! Dito’s are MCC 515 and MNC 66.
  4. Other Stuff: Sometimes there’s fancy stuff like usernames too, but you usually don’t need those for Dito.

Now you know what your APN passport does! Next up, let’s get your phone ready to travel Dito’s network and have fun online! Buckle up, Android and iPhone explorers – adventure awaits! We’ll make sure your passes are up to date!

How to Setup these configuration in Android and iOS


  1. I need to navigate to my phone’s Settings app, then go into the Mobile Network section.
  2. I should tap on Access Point Names (APNs), which might be hidden under Advanced settings depending on my Android model.
  3. If I see existing APNs, I’ll look for one named “Dito” or “internet.dito.ph.” If it’s missing, I can click the + button to add a new APN.
  4. I need to fill in the following details:
    • Name: internet.dito.ph
    • APN: internet.dito.ph
    • APN Type: default,supl,xcap
    • MCC: 515
    • MNC: 66
  5. Once I have everything filled in, I can tap Save and my Android device will now be prepped to connect to Dito’s network!


  1. I need to open my iPhone’s Settings app and go to the Cellular section.
  2. I should tap on Cellular Data Options, then access Cellular Network.
  3. When I select Add Data Plan, I’ll be ready to configure my APN.
  4. I must fill in these details:
    • Plan Name: Dito APN (or any name I want)
    • APN: internet.dito.ph
    • MCC: 515
    • MNC: 66
  5. After tapping Done, my iPhone will be equipped to navigate the Dito network!

By following these steps tailored to my Android or iOS device, I can successfully add the APN details to connect to Dito’s mobile network.

Troubleshooting My Dito APN Issues

Even when I think I’ve set up my APN passport perfectly, I may still hit some bumpy connection issues. If I experience problems like slow speeds or trouble sending picture messages, I shouldn’t stress! Here are some tips I can try to get back on the smooth sailing Dito seas:

  • Restart My Phone: Even though it’s simple, rebooting my device can work wonders. I’ll give my phone a quick power cycle and see if that fixes things.
  • Check My APN Settings: If I’m still having trouble, I’ll carefully double-check the APN details I entered, making sure I have the right Name, APN, APN Type, MCC, and MNC for my specific device.
  • Turn Mobile Data Back On: Oops, did I accidentally turn off mobile data? I’ll switch it back on to reconnect to Dito’s network.
  • Manually Enter the APN: If my phone isn’t automatically detecting the APN, I should try manually adding the Dito details again.
  • Verify Network Coverage: I should double-check Dito’s coverage map to make sure I’m in an area they service.
  • Update My Software: Out-of-date phone software could cause issues too. I’ll check for updates to keep performance optimal.
  • Change Network Mode: If I’m getting slow speeds around lots of people, I can try switching my network mode to 4G or 5G if available.
  • Call Dito Support: If I tried everything and still have problems, it’s time for me to contact Dito’s helpful support team to fix this once and for all!

Tips for Peak Dito Performance

  • First thing’s first – head into your network settings and enable Preferred Network Mode. This lets your phone tap into Dito’s fastest connections like 4G and 5G whenever available, instead of pointlessly bouncing to slower networks and wasting your high-speed data. I found this one simple switch really boosted my speeds.
  • Next, try manually selecting Dito’s best tower signal in your area, rather than relying on spotty automatic network selection. I did a test drive around my neighborhood to map out where I got the most bars, and now I know which tower hands me the most consistent performance.
  • You’ll also want to double check both your SIM card size and placement. I checked my phone’s manual to learn where reception works best, and I keep my SIM properly fitted. These basic checks go a long way!
  • Beyond that, be patient with coverage limits, keep your apps updated, use Dito’s data-saving tools, and explore their other cool services like mobile TV. I will explain it all in more detail above!


That’s it for the blog post today. I hope you enjoyed it. There’s a massive amount of misinformation on the internet about APNs and other network-related things.

So, today I showed you a proven and working APN for Dito. This has been tried and tested by most users of this carrier. I hope you found it helpful. If you have any doubts, let me know in the comment section below or contact us.

If you face any issues while setting up your APN, don’t hesitate to consult Dito’s official resources or contact their customer care for assistance. With the right settings and a bit of troubleshooting, you’ll be able to connect to Dito’s network smoothly in no time!

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