Can Changing APN Settings Increase Internet Speed?

Here’s exactly what results we get when I change the apn settings multiple times for multiple carriers. So Can changing increase internet speed, or does it make any impact?

Ever wondered if tweaking your phone’s APN settings could magically boost your internet speed? While it’s an enticing thought, the truth is a bit more nuanced. This article delves into the world of APN settings, exploring their impact on internet speed and offering clear guidance for navigating this tech landscape.

Evaluating the Claim: Can Changing APN Settings Improve Mobile Internet Speed?

Access Point Name (APN) settings facilitate communication between mobile devices and carrier networks. Some claim that modifying these settings can boost mobile internet speeds. Let’s critically assess this assertion.

Results from my Tests and Experiments With Different APN Settings

For testing purposes, we tried using non-default APN settings on an Airtel network that were claimed to be optimized. With these alternative settings, we achieved a speed of around 9.52 mbps. Afterwards, we switched back to Airtel’s default APN settings which the company states are the best. With the default settings, our measured speed was lower at 6.87 mbps.

We conducted multiple tests keeping the phone in a fixed location with no other network activity to isolate the effects of the APN changes. Across the repeated tests, the non-default APN settings consistently showed faster speeds, but only by a few mbps – not a dramatic 50-60% increase.

screenshot of speed test with 9.52 mbps
Changed APN Settings
screenshot of speed test 6.87 mbps
Default “Not Optimized” APN

To elaborate further with a hypothetical example, if someone was previously getting 2 mbps with default settings, changing to different APN settings suggested online or officially could potentially increase or even decrease speed. There are no guarantees. One must experiment with different profiles to determine the best option for one’s specific device and network conditions.

screenshot of changing apn settings to impact internet speed
screenshot of changing apn settings to impact internet speed

In summary, our testing demonstrated that changing APN settings can impact internet speeds, but the effects are variable and depend on individual circumstances. There is no definitive or assured performance gain. The best approach is to systematically test various settings while keeping other factors constant to isolate the effects of APN profile adjustments. Through such controlled experimentation, one can discover the optimal APN tweaks to achieve marginally faster speeds.

Can Changing APN Settings Increase Internet Speed?

Here is a table summarizing the test results and conclusions


  • Changing APN settings can impact internet speeds, but effects vary.
  • Non-default “optimized” APN settings provided slightly faster speeds in our tests.
  • However, gains were minor – less than 3 Mbps difference. Not 50-60% dramatic improvement.
  • Outcomes depend on individual circumstances like device, carrier, and location.
  • No definitive performance gain is assured from tweaking APN settings.
  • The best approach is to systematically test different APN profiles while controlling other factors to isolate impact.
  • With controlled experimentation, one can potentially achieve marginally faster speeds by tailoring APN settings. But a major speed boost is unlikely.

Understanding Key Determinants of Mobile Internet Speed

First, we must understand the key factors that impact mobile internet performance:

  • Available Network Infrastructure and Coverage
  • Signal Strength
  • Device Capabilities
  • Network Congestion Levels
  • Data Plan Constraints

How APN Settings Could Influence Speed

Changing APN settings could potentially affect speed in a few ways:

  • Prioritizing faster network technologies like 5G over 3G or 4G
  • Enabling quicker DNS servers to resolve website addresses faster
  • Reducing congestion by switching to less overloaded APN profiles

Mixed Real-World Experiences

User accounts of the impact of altered APN settings are inconsistent:

  • Positive Example: Alex switched his APN profile on his iPhone to a less congested option and saw his download speed double during peak hours.
  • Negative Example: When Maya changed her Android phone’s APN based on questionable online advice, she entirely lost her LTE connectivity. Resetting to default restored performance.

Outcomes likely depend heavily on individual circumstances like carrier network, device, and location.

Risks and Downsides of Incorrect Changes

Potential pitfalls from haphazardly changing APN settings include:

  • Entire disruption of connectivity due to wrong settings
  • Higher data charges from using unauthorized carrier APNs
  • Worse speed due to an unsuitable APN choice

Recommended Best Practices

Experts recommend conservative approaches:

  • Retain default carrier APN settings for most users
  • Only modify APN when facing consistently slow speeds after addressing other issues
  • Thoroughly research proper settings through official carrier sources


In summary, the impact of changing APN profiles is highly variable depending on complex factors. While beneficial for some, oversimplified claims of definitive performance gains from APN adjustments appear dubious. Proceeding cautiously based on one’s specific circumstances is best.

That concludes today’s blog post. In this article, we explored whether changing APN settings can improve mobile internet speeds or potentially slow them down. Through testing, we discovered that while tweaking APN profiles can impact upload and download speeds and ping times, the effects are typically not very noticeable or substantial in most cases. However, some minor speed gains or losses are observable.

I hope you found this analysis on APNs and internet performance useful. The comments section is open in case you have any queries, feedback, or contact us your suggestions on this topic or future mobile networking tests we can run. Please share your thoughts and experiences as well regarding any optimization tweaks you have tried to improve mobile internet connectivity.

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