TAC Code Lycamobile: What It Is and How to Find It

A TAC code for Lycamobile, or Type Approval Code, is a unique code that is associated with a SIM card. It is used to identify the manufacturer and model of the phone that the SIM card is intended for. TAC codes are also used to unlock phones and change their networks.

Lycamobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides mobile phone services in over 60 countries. Lycamobile customers need to know their TAC code if they want to unlock their phones or change their network.

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In my case, a TAC code, which stands for Type Approval Code, is a code that’s unique to my SIM card. It plays a crucial role when it comes to phone unlocking or switching networks. As a Lycamobile customer, it was essential for me to know my TAC code if I wanted to unlock my phone or change my network. In my experience, here’s how I found and used my TAC code:

How I Found My Lyca TAC Code

  • On My SIM Card: I started by taking out my SIM card from my phone. I flipped it over and found the TAC code printed on the back. This method is quite straightforward.
  • Online: If, like me, you prefer to do things online, you can also find your TAC code this way. To do this, you’ll need to know your phone’s IMEI number. You can easily get your IMEI number by dialing *#06# on your phone. After obtaining the IMEI, I went to the Lycamobile website and used their TAC code generator tool. It was as simple as that.
  • Through Customer Service: In my case, I didn’t need to reach out to customer service, but if you can’t find your TAC code on your SIM card or online, don’t hesitate to contact Lycamobile’s customer service for the assistance you need.
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How I Used My TAC Code LycaMobile

Now, let me share how I used my TAC code, and how it could work for you:

Use Case 1: Unlocking My Phone

  • I reached out to my current network provider and asked for an unlock code.
  • After receiving the unlock code, I entered it into my phone.
  • Then, I was prompted to input my TAC code.
  • I entered my TAC code and hit the unlock button. This allowed me to successfully unlock my phone.

Use Case 2: Changing My Network

  • To switch to a new network, I contacted the network I wanted to join and requested a new SIM card.
  • Upon receiving the SIM card, I inserted it into my phone.
  • I was then prompted to input my TAC code.
  • I entered my TAC code and proceeded with the unlock process to switch networks.

Troubleshooting Lyca TAC Network Problems

If you ever encounter network problems, you can also use your TAC code to help:

  • Access your phone’s settings menu and select “reset network settings” to attempt to resolve the issue.
  • If network problems persist, consider getting in touch with Lycamobile customer service. They can provide you with the necessary assistance to tackle the problem effectively.

What is TAC? The TACĀ forms the first 8 digits of the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)


In my opinion, TAC codes are invaluable for Lycamobile customers like me. They serve as a key to unlock phones, change networks, and address network issues. Whether you find your TAC code on your SIM card, online, or with the help of customer service, it’s a valuable resource for staying connected with the network that suits you best.

That is it for the blog post today, Today I shared most of the things about the TAC code Lyca mobile. I hope you enjoyed it, and for more informative how-tos check this page.

In my experience, these are the resources to explore for more information:

Remember, it’s all about ensuring that your phone and network are tailored to your needs.

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