What Are Cookies on the Internet? (Explained)

Ever wondered what those “cookies” websites keep talking about have to do with the yummy treats you enjoy with milk? Well, buckle up, because the internet has its own kind of cookie, and it’s just as important for your online experience!

Quick Summary

  • Internet cookies are small bits of data websites store on your device.

Here are some little-known facts about internet cookies that people may find interesting or useful to know:

Internet Cookies Come in Different Forms

While the common cookie people think of stores preferences and login information, there are also:

  • Security cookies that help with site authentication
  • Multimedia cookies for embedded video players
  • Session cookies that delete when you close your browser

You Can Block Them

If you’re concerned about privacy, you can configure your browser settings to block some or all cookies. But keep in mind that may break website functionality.

screenshot of cookies on chrome browser tab

They Can Track You

Advertisers use tracking cookies to follow your web browsing habits across multiple sites in order to serve targeted ads. These are the “third-party cookies” you may keep hearing about.

screenshot of instagram cookies on internet

They Don’t Have to Be Bad

Cookies themselves aren’t inherently bad or dangerous – much of the convenience we enjoy on the modern web is thanks to helpful, innocuous first-party cookies. It’s third-party tracking cookies most people reasonably want to block.

When In Doubt, Check The Cookie Policy

screenshot of connection cookies etc in google chrome

Reputable websites post detailed cookie policy and usage info. So if you have concerns over how a site handles cookies, review their posted policy for more transparency.

They Expire

Cookies aren’t necessarily immortal. Session cookies erase themselves when you close out of a site. Persistent cookies come with programmed expiration dates after which they self-delete.

So in summary, cookies aren’t spies or viruses out to get you. They’re just zippy little files with various uses, some innocuous, some arguably more objectionary from a privacy standpoint. But knowledge is power, so go forth and browse the web cookie-smart!

Let’s dive into the world of internet cookies and see how they make your online life easier (and maybe a little tastier)!

apn-mostly.com cookies settings

What are Cookies, Thin Like this

Imagine you walk into your favorite bakery, and the staff instantly remembers your order for a warm chocolate chip cookie. That’s kind of like what internet cookies do! Websites store small pieces of information on your device, like your login details, preferred language, or items you’ve added to your cart. This information, called cookies, helps websites remember you and personalize your experience, making your online adventures as smooth and delicious as that perfectly baked cookie.

screenshot of internet cookies with thinking emoji

Now, instead of flour and sugar, these cookies are made of bits of data, and they’re stored on your computer or phone’s web browser. They’re completely harmless (unless you have a serious sweet tooth!) and quite useful. But just like anything online, it’s good to understand how cookies work and how you can manage them to keep your browsing experience safe and enjoyable.

What are Cookies?

screenshot of cookies and site data of apn-mostly.com

We all love a nice, warm cookie, but have you ever wondered what those tasty little cyber snacks known as internet “cookies” are all about? In my experience, they’re like tiny personalized notes from websites designed to make your online life easier.

1. Remembering My Preferences

Say I’m browsing for chocolate chip cookie recipes online. If I click that I prefer dark chocolate chips over milk chocolate, the website may store that choice in a cookie file. Then, the next time I visit, voila! Up pop all my favorite dark chocolate chip cookie options. It’s like having a little cyber assistant remembering all my tastes and preferences!

2. Keeping Me Logged In

screenshot of instagram cookies on internet

You know how annoying it is to constantly log into the same sites over and over? Cookies help save me from that frustration. When I check “keep me logged in” on my go-to online shops, cookies remember my login details so I can breeze right back into my account on return visits. It’s a real time-saver!

3. Tailoring Sites to My Needs

Cookies also store details like my preferred language or location to customize websites to my needs. So if I’m browsing from my phone in Spain, the site automatically serves me pages in Spanish rather than making me navigate unfamiliar translations.

As you can see, cookies make surfing the web much more seamless and personalized

Different Types of Cookies

Not all cookies are created equal! Here are two main types to keep in mind:

  • Session Cookies: These are the short-lived kind, disappearing when you close your browser. They’re like the crumbs left behind after enjoying your bakery treats – temporary but helpful.
  • Persistent Cookies: These stick around for longer, even after you close your browser, and they’re used for things like remembering your login information or website preferences. Think of them as your favorite cookie jar, storing your preferences for future visits.

There are other types of cookies, but these two are the main players. Now, let’s address the elephant in the room (or should we say, the cookie jar?):

Are Cookies Harmful?

Most cookies are harmless and beneficial, making your online life easier. However, some concerns surround tracking cookies and their potential impact on your privacy. Just like too many cookies can leave you feeling uncomfortable, too much cookie-based tracking can be intrusive.


That’s it for the blog post today. I hope you enjoyed it and found the blog helpful. Today, I thoroughly shared all the information about cookies—how they work, the types of cookies on the internet, and how they store information—in a crisp and fun way. I believe it will be easier for anyone to understand. Additionally, for a concise summary, we have added a quick summary section that summarizes the entire content

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