OTP Not Receiving (easiest) Fix, Get otp Instantly!

OTPs are not received even if you try too many times, people face this error on their devices. Either you are tired of not getting OTP from banks, or social media companies, while doing any transaction, or even if you are trying to reset your pass but still not getting it.

THIS IS ULTIMATELY what to do when a one-time password is not received, and also why it is happening.

Why Am I Not Getting OTP On My Phone?

Here are all the possible reasons why it may be happening for your registered mobile number:

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R1: There is a very low network or signal available.

R2: Tweaks and Misconfigured APN or network settings.

R3: There’s currently no active plan on your SIM card.

R4: Or there’s a server outage from the sender’s side. (even like Amazon or Instagram)

R5: When you have not restored your phone for weeks or months.

R6: When there’s too old cached data on your default messaging app.

R7: There is not sufficient storage on the device to get new messages.

R8: When the OTP gets into the spam section.

How to instantly get new OTPs or Fix otp not receiving

Now this is going to be more interesting and exciting when it comes to fixing things, I trust Kunal so I reached out to him by the way, He’s from Fixitkunal.

Here is the knowledge from him and mine, combined.

To make sure you always get your OTPs, check your internet and network connection, your APN settings, and your SIM card status. Stay up-to-date on server outages, restart your phone regularly, clear cached data in your messaging app, make sure your device has enough storage space, and check your spam folder.

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Fix 1: Signal and Network Issues

  • Check for a weak network signal or low signal strength. Try moving to an area with better signal reception.
  • Ensure that you have a stable internet connection. Connect to Wi-Fi if available or troubleshoot your mobile data connection.

Fix 2: APN and Network Settings

Fix 3: SIM Card Plan Status

  • Verify that your SIM card has an active plan or subscription. Contact your mobile service provider to confirm your plan’s status.

Fix 4: Server Outages

  • Be aware of possible server outages, even from well-known services like Amazon or Instagram. Check their official social media accounts or websites for any outage announcements.

Or you can use websites like down detector.

Fix 5: Phone Maintenance

  • Regularly maintain your phone by restarting it. If you haven’t restarted your device in weeks or months, do so to refresh the network connections and clear any temporary issues.
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Fix 6: Clear Cached Data

  • Check for old and excessive data stored in your default messaging app. Clear the app’s cache or data to ensure it runs smoothly and doesn’t cause issues with message reception.

Fix 7: Device Storage Space

  • Ensure that your device has sufficient storage space available. If your device is running low on storage, it can affect the ability to receive new messages. Delete unnecessary files or apps to free up space.

Fix 8: Check Spam Folder

  • Verify your spam or junk mail folder in your messaging app. OTPs might occasionally get filtered into this folder. Mark them as “Not Spam” to ensure you receive them in your main inbox.
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To ensure you receive OTPs reliably:

  • Check your network signal.
  • Verify APN settings.
  • Confirm an active SIM plan.
  • Be aware of server outages.
  • Restart your phone regularly.
  • Clear app cache.
  • Free up storage space.
  • Check your spam folder.

These steps will enhance OTP delivery.


Here’s the conclusion time, but make sure you have read all the things properly and followed. I gave you the list of reasons why you are not getting any OTPs and how to fix it, to get faster.

Moreover, if you like the blog post or want to ask anything then do let me know in the comments, or contact us.

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